Photo by Tarmo Haud

The 2024 spring Ariel Consortium Meeting will be hosted by the University of Tartu, Tartu Observatory in Tartu, Estonia.

More information about the Ariel mission: https://arielmission.space/

For any queries, please contact us at: ariel2024@ut.ee

Local Organising Committee:
  • Anna Aret (Tartu Observatory)
  • Heleri Ramler (Tartu Observatory)
  • Anni Kasikov (Tartu Observatory)
  • Sandipan Borthakur (Tartu Observatory)
  • Saimoon Islam Quazi (Tartu Observatory)
  • Merili Jauk (Tartu Observatory)
  • Margit Ristolainen (Tartu Observatory)
  • Karin Pai (Tartu Observatory)

Ariel Consortium Meeting (group photo, April 24 2024); photo by Timo Arbeiter.

The conference is supported by the City of Tartu.

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